HKISAA 2015 TT Tournament

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The Winning Game

WYKAAO Table Tennis Team – Double Partners

Video Clips of Some Key Matches:

This is WYK vs La Salle, set 3 (doubles). With games tied 2-2, Allan and David lead Uncle and John Keung 9-7 in the 5th game. Allan serves 2 strong top spins with his backhand and induces Uncle to return high even with his short pimp. David follows with 2 powerful forehand smash, one to each side, and finishes the game, set and match.

This is WYK vs Munsang. WYK is down 1-2 in sets. They need to win both set 4 and 5 to come back. Mike is playing set 4 in the foreground while Allan is playing set 5 in the background. This is game 2 of the set. Mike takes the game with good serves, strong backhand pushes and forehand smashes.

This is game 3. Mike wins this set 3-0. In the background, Allan also leads Sandy 2-0.